NCERT Books Free PDF in English

NCERT Books Free PDF for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Free Download in English

NCERT Books Free PDF in english
NCERT Books Free PDF in English

All the schools in this country run by the CBSE board follow the NCERT pattern. Here you will get the list of all the study materials from 1 to 12th classes and you can easily download those free of cost.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training is an independent organization that was set up on 1st September 1961. NCERT is a government organization, which assists the academic matter of the Indian CBSE board and other entrance exams.

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Some Brief Knowledge of NCERT Books

NCERT books are the best and popular resources for the students who are serious about their careers and studies and willing to prepare for entry-level exams. It is the most demandable and easiest way to improve your progress.

Apart from that, this book is highly recommended because as a study material it will give you complete knowledge as well as the detail explanations of every chapter. NCERT is the popular resource because it never makes the theories complex; every student can easily understand its concept as it describes the facts so simply.

CBSE NCERT Books for Class 1st to 12th – Free PDF Download

NCERT English Books 

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
1MarigoldPDF Download
1RaindropsPDF Download
2MarigoldPDF Download
2RaindropsPDF Download
3MarigoldPDF Download
4MarigoldPDF Download
5MarigoldPDF Download
6HoneysucklePDF Download
6A Pact With the SunPDF Download
7HoneycombPDF Download
7An alien Hand Supplementary ReaderPDF Download
8HoneydewPDF Download
8It so HappenedPDF Download
9Beehive English TextBookPDF Download
9Moments Supplementary ReaderPDF Download
9Words and ExpressionsPDF Download
10First FlightPDF Download
10Foot Prints Without FeetPDF Download
11Woven WordsPDF Download
11HornbillPDF Download
11Snapshots Supplementary Reader EnglishPDF Download
12KaliedoscopePDF Download
12FlamingoPDF Download
12VistasPDF Download

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NCERT Maths Books 

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
1Math MagicPDF Download
2Math MagicPDF Download
3Math MagicPDF Download
4Math MagicPDF Download
5Math MagicPDF Download
6MathematicsPDF Download
7MathematicsPDF Download
8MathematicsPDF Download
9MathematicsPDF Download
10MathematicsPDF Download
11MathematicsPDF Download
12Mathematics – IPDF Download
12Mathematics – IIPDF Download

NCERT Science Books 

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
5Looking AroundPDF Download
6SciencePDF Download
7SciencePDF Download
8SciencePDF Download
9SciencePDF Download
10SciencePDF Download

NCERT History Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
6History – Our PastPDF Download 
7Our Past – IIPDF Download 
8Our Past – III Part IPDF Download 
8Our Past – III Part IIPDF Download 
9India and the Contemporary World – IPDF Download 
10India and the Contemporary World – IIPDF Download 
11Themes in World HistoryPDF Download 
12Themes in World History – IPDF Download 
12Themes in World History – IIPDF Download 
12Themes in World History – IIIPDF Download

NCERT Civics Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
6Social and Political Life –  1PDF Download
7Social and Political Life –  2PDF Download
8Social and Political Life –  3PDF Download
9Democratic Politics – 1PDF Download
10Democratic Politics – 2PDF Download

NCERT Geography Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
6The Earth Our HabitatPDF Download
7Our EnvironmentPDF Download
8Resource And DevelopmentPDF Download
9Contemporary India – IPDF Download
10Contemporary India – IIPDF Download
11Fundamental of Physical GeographyPDF Download
11India Physical EnvironmentPDF Download
11Practical Work In Geography – IPDF Download
12Fundamentals Of Human GeographyPDF Download
12India People and EconomyPDF Download
12Practical Work In Geography – IIPDF Download

NCERT Economics Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
9EconomicsPDF Download
10Understanding Economic DevelopmentPDF Download
11India Economic DevelopmentPDF Download
12Introductory MicroeconomicsPDF Download
12Introductory MacroeconomicsPDF Download

NCERT Environmental Studies Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
3Looking AroundPDF Download
4Looking AroundPDF Download
5Our EnvironmentPDF Download

NCERT Physics Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
11Physics Part – IPDF Download
11Physics Part – IIPDF Download
12Physics Part – IPDF Download
12Physics Part – IIPDF Download

NCERT Chemistry Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
11Chemistry Part – IPDF Download
11Chemistry Part – IIPDF Download
12Chemistry Part – IPDF Download
12Chemistry Part – IIPDF Download

NCERT Biology Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
11BiologyPDF Download
12BiologyPDF Download

NCERT Psychology Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
11Introduction to PsychologyPDF Download
12PsychologyPDF Download

NCERT Sociology Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
11Introducing SociologyPDF Download
11Understanding SocietyPDF Download
12Indian SocietyPDF Download
12Social Change and Development in IndiaPDF Download

NCERT Accounting  Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
11Financial Accounting – IPDF Download
11Financial Accounting – IIPDF Download
12Accountancy Part – IPDF Download
12Accountancy Part – IIPDF Download

NCERT Statistics Books

Class/ कक्षा Book Name/ पुस्तक का नाम Download Link
11Statistics for EconomicsPDF Download

NCERT Business Studies Books

Class/ कक्षाBook Name/ पुस्तक का नामDownload Link
11Business StudiesPDF Download
12Business Studies – IPDF Download
12Business Studies – IIPDF Download

Click here – Download Free NCERT Books in Hindi PDF

Some Interesting Facts of NCERT Books

Entrance Exam Questions are taken from the NCERT Book

This is one of the biggest advantages of reading the NCERT books because you will get 90% common in your board exams, NEET or any kind of Entrance exam. Many questions are taken from these NCERT books or follow the pattern of this book.

All the Updated and Research Information

NCERT books have been well researched by the experts on a particular topic and find out the authentic and appropriate information to make a better study resource for you.

Easy to grab the concept

 These NCERT books are written in easy language so that anyone can easily grab the concept. Some tough Technic and facts are beautifully explained here so that you never face any issue while going through the chapter or dealing with an important fact. NCERT books are written like Reading and Understand simply.

Analyze the NCERT books Subject Wise

All the major subjects are available in the format of NCERT books. The question and answers, as well as the exercise given at the end of each chapter, are not only important for the practice of self-assessment but also it is essential for understanding the concepts clearly. Experts always recommend this book because after completing the whole book of NCERT you never need any additional study material.

Let’s start with the science Segment

NCERT books of Physics

Physics is an important subject, so it’s each and every chapter should be clear to you. And you will get a clear concept with the NCERT book as it shows some diagrams and illustrations also while making you understand logic or fact like the chapter Optics. So, with this study material, you can easily grasp each of the lessons.

NCERT books for Mathematics

Maths is a tough subject until you practice more. NCERT Books are the best practice set for students. Some chapters like LP, Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry need special guidance, so this is the best book ever.

If you find any problems while solving the mathematical issues then this material will serve well by providing you past board papers as well as the compartment papers. Sometime you will receive some outside questions from your textbook, so that type of question will be here in NCERT books.

NCERT Books for Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the popular subjects among students, here in this book you will find the simple explanations of each chapter, tough concepts are explained well so that students can easily grip any sort of concept or issue.

All the NCERT books are available here

 not only for the science segment, the NCERT books available for every subject, for every class, 1 to 12. You can download the PDF of any subject; English to Hindi, every subject is available here. So, you never need to search for any other solution for better improvement. This is your one-stop solution. You can easily download your required subject from here, along with the solution.

For getting good marks, it is mandatory that you complete the whole NCERT Books and go through it properly. Make sure that you can memorize all the explanations and concepts. This book is highly recommended and very useful for the students.

To participate in any board exam or entrance exam you just need to focus on the subjects and study material as well as you need to practice more and more. To get success in your exam, give a good revision of your NCERT books, and indeed hard work, there is no substitute for hard work before the exam.

Some Key Features of NCERT Books

  • It is the perfect solution for your Exam Preparation.
  • You can get this NCERT Books free of cost, and can easily download that.
  • Each question and the chapters are explained simply with easy language.
  • Created by the subject experts, so each chapter is well researched.
  • For self-assessment and quick research, you will get chapter-wise questions and answers.
  • From class 1 to 12 every subject of NCERT books are available here, you can easily download.
  • NCERT PDF available for both the Hindi and English medium, you can download as per your demand.
  • You will get complete and customized answers for each and every chapter and subject. It will help you to get a good score in the exam.
  • Each book is explained with a perfect diagram, graphics or illustrations so that students can easily grip the concepts.
  • You will be highly benefited with these NCERT study materials, and can easily score high in the CBSE exams.
  • Along with the NCERT book or PDF solutions you can easily download the Exemplar for each subject.

All the Subjects at One Place

You can get all of the solutions here without any cost. From class 1 to class 12, every subject and its solutions and exemplar all the materials you can download as per your demand. Not only for the CBSE board, but you can also get the same things, for the Hindi medium too. Getting a good mark is now easy with NCET solutions.

Go through the details and the PDF, make sure that you can understand everything mentioned there, though the language is simple enough to understand. From English to Hindi, Urdu, Mathematics, and Science, Civics as well as the EVS every subject is available here in the format of NCERT books. Follow the books so that you can easily attempt any out of box question appear in your exam.

Why only NCERT Books ?

In the market there are so many publishers and their books are available but CBSE board and any other entrance exams only follow this NCERT book pattern. So why should we waste time by practice any other books? Being a student you should only focus on your exam, and marks, rather than any false advertisement.

Despite that, if you want to practice more, then, first of all, practice the Whole NCERT book, and then go for any other book you love. But it will be better if you only focus on NCERT so that you never get confused with the pattern or style of answers given in other materials. Maybe following more books can harm you instead of helping to get good marks in exams.

The experts prepare the PDFs as per the exam pattern of the CBSE board so that you never miss any question. Textbooks are important to know the basic thing, but not sufficient enough who thinks for a better career. For those students, these NCERT books provide something extra and innovative. So keep learning with this and improve your performance.

Benefits of NCERT books: Choosing the right study material is always highly benefited, so only go for the NCERT books, here are some key benefits of using this study material:

  • You will get the depth knowledge in easy language.
  • NCERT books strictly follow the CBSE curriculum
  • You will get a clear concept by studying this PDF
  • Actually, studying this material is the best one for the CBSE exams
  • The number of exercises with critical problems is given there so that you can practice well.
  • 90% of questions will be common in the exam

Reading NCERT Books is the first advice that you will get if you are going to start your preparation for UPSC. This advice is so common that it makes many students curious and they want to know why everyone is so obsessed with the books of NCERT. Here we have compiled answers to all your questions related to NCERT books.

NCERT books are an important element of UPSC Preparation. On a lighter note, these books are called the Bible for UPSC aspirants. Let’s have a look at the reasons which make NCERT books popular and reliable for the UPSC exam.

Importance of NCERT Books in UPSC Exam

Study material plays an important role in all the exams but when it’s about one of the prestigious exam of the country, the importance of study material increases. NCERT Books Free PDF in English is the biggest tool for students who are preparing for the UPSC exam. Let’s have a look at the reasons which make NCERT books the foundation for UPSC preparation.

Simple Language

The language used in NCERT Books Free PDF in English is simple and easy for students. The language used in NCERT books is not boring and it keeps readers engaged. In NCERT books you will not find some difficult word, all the words are easy which help to understand the subject. For every difficult word, a description has been given in the book. NCERT books give a conceptual understanding of the subject to the students.

Authentic Information

In today’s time when all the information is available on Google, it becomes difficult to find the authentic one. The NCERT books have all the authentic information and you can trust these books without thinking twice. NCERT books are written by a panel of subject experts and after complete research. NCERT Books Free PDF in English has all the information approved by the government of India so chances of any mistake are really less in these books.

Click here – Download Free NCERT Books in Hindi PDF

Easily Available

NCERT books are easily available for the students and at a cheaper price. Students can get books easily from any book store nearby and they can also download it free of cost. The best content at a very cheaper price with availability is a great combination for the UPSC aspirants.

Question Directly from NCERT Books

In the UPSC prelims exam, many questions are asked directly from the book. Every year approx 30-35 questions are asked from the NCERT Books in UPSC Prelims exam. So this is another reason that UPSC aspirants prefer NCERT Books Free PDF in English.

Familiar Content

Most of us have been using the NCERT books for education since 6th so we are very familiar with the content of books of different topics. This made easy for the students to make notes from the books.

Summing it up

To clear the UPSC exam you would need a strong foundation and NCERT books help to create it. Many aspirants trapped by the dogma that thick books with difficult language can help them to clear this prestigious exam but the fact is, you need to grab the conceptual knowledge of the subject then only you can taste the success in UPSC.


NCERT Books Free PDF in English You can follow other references too, but as per our experts’ research, it is proven that the reference book is always filled with big and complicated notes which is tough to grab for a student. In fact, those books never provide you the basic knowledge; as a result, students get puzzled while going through the questions.

That is the main reason for following the one book i.e. the NCERT books and practices it as much as you can. Give revisions, and go through all the details explained by the expert teachers. It will help you to achieve your target and obtain a good grade.

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